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How Could You Teresa?

At a time when she could have brought up the subject of what could and should be done to rescue missing children before the lawmakers in the august house of parliament, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok just had to draw attention to herself. When there could have been a serious discussion on this issue and a reminder to one and all that these innocent children are still missing, and only God knows what has happened to them, our duly elected and much trumpeted lady MP decides her case was more important. What has happened to Sharlinie and Asmawi? Does anybody care? Obviously, grandstanding politicians don’t!!

Tuesday October 14, 2008
Seputeh MP Teresa Kok likens her detention to being kidnapped

A QUESTION on kidnapped children caused a stir in the Dewan Rakyat when Teresa Kok (DAP €“ Seputeh) asked if measures were being taken to ensure politicians were not “kidnapped” as well.

She likened her arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA) to being kidnapped, saying she was not allowed to inform her parents what had happened to her.

“The police told me I was going to be detained under the ISA and confiscated my mobile phone. I could not inform my parents, and they had to find out (where I was) through the newspapers the next day.

“I was ‘kidnapped’ for seven days. Who is going to investigate? I want to ask the ministry: who will conduct the investigation as I was detained under the ISA based on one article?” she said.

Kok was detained under the ISA for seven days from Sept 12 on allegations she had acted in a manner prejudicial to the country’s security and that she was involved in activities, which could cause racial and religious strain.

Many Barisan Nasional backbenchers jeered at Kok’s supplementary question, saying that it was out of topic.

The initial question by Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid (PKR €“ Kuala Langat) was on the measures taken by the Government to tackle the problem of kidnapped children.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung proposed that Kok submit a separate specific question to the House as her supplementary question had deviated from the original question.

In his reply to Abdullah Sani, Chor said the police had a high rate of solving kidnap cases, where seven out of 11 cases were solved in 2006, while six out of 10 were solved in 2007.

“There is a special team comprising police personnel from Bukit Aman and at the state contingent level to investigate cases of kidnapped children.

“When a kidnap case is reported, posters and pamphlets are quickly distributed to taxi drivers and other members of the public to trace the victim,” he said.

On the unsolved cases of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar and Muhamad Asmawi Jalaludin, Chor said this was due to a lack of witnesses and evidence. Sharlinie, five, went missing on Jan 9 while Asmawi, 11, went missing on March 9.


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