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Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

I tried to forget her, as did millions of Malaysians, because it hurts to think of her. Let her rest in peace they said, there was nothing else we could do for her, she’s dead and buried. What’s the point of keeping her memory alive, they asked. I don’t know why but she touched me, this sweet child. ┬áNurin Jazlin Jazimin’s life may have been short but it was her cruel, tortured death that held meaning. While her killer(s) remain at large, the world has already forgotten her. Now, even the NURIN Alert (Nationwide Urgent Response Information Network) we advocated passionately has been abbreviated to Nationwide Response Network (NUR Alert). It’s the same thing they said. Really? People ask, who is Nurin? I hope the NUR Alert really does work as effectively as the AMBER Alert. Yet, while the world remembers Amber Hagerman, no one will remember Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. I weep for you again sweet child. They didn’t care then, they still don’t care now. You are in a better place.



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