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In an ill-advised public relations move, Datuk Seri Shahrizat decides to court bloggers with a dinner to “wow” them! No, I wasn’t there and won’t be there. The reason being that she’s got it wrong. She’s placating bloggers for not naming the missing children emergency alert the “NURIN Alert”, instead of the wishy-washy Nur Alert!! Since when was missing children a branding exercise? Who cares about her Ministry’s brand? What we want is a name that sticks in our minds, prompts us into action and a collective mindset to be on the lookout when a child goes missing. Yes, if her Ministry studied the Amber Alert they would know that this system can only work if the police take charge of it. There needs to be proper guidelines for media, police and the community to make this alert effective. We see none of that. There needs also to be a media blitz so the public knows what to d-. None of this either. What we get are forgettable TV advertisements. She and the police need to go on TV to tell the public about what needs to be done.

But why is she courting bloggers then?  It’s highly suspect to me. She fears the collective force of them. Hmmm….that smacks of election campaigning. More’s the pity! I thought she was better than those who throw up their arms in the air to proclaim “God forbid that I should be like Rosmah!” that smacks of arrogance. Listen, there is nothing noble about being a politician, opposition or otherwise, or about getting arrested for that matter. If politicians and their wives would just throw in some expensive jewelry into the charity coffers, maybe NURIN Alert could be mobilised the way it was supposed to and they’d clean up in the elections. Those who talk about educating the “permata” of our nation just don’t get it do they. Hello people! NURIN Alert is about the children.  Oh, I forgot, children can’t vote!


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