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Out of complete frustration with the current political situation in this beloved country, I am going Japanese!! Actually, since both my son and daughter are staying home this semester, one because of his industrial attachment and the other because I need her to help me out with her granny, I have been packing their lunches. It was really a matter of necessity as there is no cafe where my son is attached and also because it seemed to make a lot of sense while it does help to save cents. As my Japanese-mad son does not eat rice unless it is sushi (don’t even ask!) and there is only so much you can do with tortilla wraps and submarine sandwiches, I decided to learn how to make sushi. This led to surfing for ideas for onigiri (rice balls) which are perfect for lunch boxes. Lo and behold I found myself caught up in a growing trend of Bento lovers across the world who come up with amazing lunch boxes for their children to take to school and for them to take to the office,

I mean this is no boring sandwiches or nasi campur stuffed into some nondescript plastic container. Bento is so much fun and is a challenge to your creativity. I’m just a beginner and have yet to get the real Bento box and accessories but I am going to try for the real thing. I’ve added some new links on my blogroll that you can  check out. You can read more about the history of Bento here. Take a look at these amazing Bento creations posted on YouTube that has got me open-mouthed in disbelief!! I am nowhere near this level of creativity and with such care shown in coming up with these unbelieveable Bentos, moms can be sure their children won’t be eating crap at school or at work. I feel so guilty that I never did this for my children when they were young. Now this is a culture we need to practice here in Malaysia. Who cares about politics, let’s get stuffed on Bento!!

Assembling a Bento

Bento Gear

Naruto-inspired Bentos


Cute Bento ideas for children!


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